Back in the early 2000s, Monument was created by former ASP world #2 ranked surfer & world record holder Shane Beschen. Due to a challenging economy and unprincipled partners at the time, Monument's success was put on hold. The positive side was we were recognized as having great potential and were subsequently picked up by a family-owned business out of New York. Over a decade later, Shane and our family of partners have resurrected Monument Clothing the way it was always meant to be. Our core vision pursues vibrant creativity & unites around primary values celebrating the cultures of Surf, Skate, Music & Art. Monument forges ahead with grounded energy in the surf industry—having been infiltrated by hedge fund companies that have no history in our culture and care only about themselves. We are helping restore family-owned brands and giving people an authentic option to support a brand lineage that truly loves our culture and cherishes the people & communities within it. We are the Monument Family—all for one.